Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh, Snaps.

As a function of my job I wind up getting my picture taken like 5,000 times a weekend. Seriously. Sometimes I feel like a fucking monkey at the zoo. Not so much when people want to pose their kids with me. Then I feel like Cinderella. Well, if Cinderella went to ball in her "before" outfit. Not so much with the glass slippers up in this festival.

this is my little buddy Maverick. Sometimes I try to sell him. Sometimes I tell people I asked the witches for a potion to make my husband act his age and a toddler is the result.

being adorable is tiring.
The pictures that make me cringe are usually the ones where they catch me in the act. The 'act' in this case means 'acting like a damned fool'

Exhibit A

doing the "so long, farewell" dance from Sound of Music as people are leaving.
 Exhibit B.

saying terrible things to patrons.
 However, sometimes, our resident Flash Ninja catches me doing something, well....sweet. Like, OMFG, y'all get A ROOM sweet.

caught canoodling in the middle of the lane when we're supposed to be working. Now I have to fire myself!
 But mostly, well, mostly I am as unco-operative as possible and wind up with pictures of me making weird faces.

Exhibit A

pretending to be distraught (right before I went through the dead girls stuff
  Exhibit B

Fact: boobs are bigger in the Matrix
  Exhibit C

tattling on someone who's jumping in my puddle
  Exhibit D

to be fair, I make this face on purpose any time D points the camera at me. I like to call it my "special smile"
  Exhibit E

classy, right?

Sexy times, right? I know.


  1. Gawd I lurve you. not like creepy lurve...sheesh.

  2. DUDE. Shut your whore mouth! Each picture I saw was my favourite until I saw the next one. Do you know what I see? JOY. Someone who is having a fantastic time, loves, and is loved. You look beautiful (you're also disgustingly photogenic Eff Why Eye).